VMAs Feel Like WWE

It was hard to tell the difference last night between MTV and Cartoon Network, with the overarching look was cartoon character chic. Whether intentional or not, all the artists and attendees looked either drawn or painted, coinciding perfectly with the lack of anything real or of worth at the VMAs.  There was a lot of bright orange people wearing every color of unnatural hair. And believe us, the irony of Taylor Swift singing a song called “Innocent” while wear more makeup than we thought possible for a human face to hold, was not lost on us.

At this point the annual show is more transparent and contrived than the WWE and this dragged out over dramatized non existent West/Swift rivalry is feeling more and more like a endless scripted lead up to WrestleMania. The event had more reality stars than actual musicians and the musicians that weren’t  one time actors look like they are. All and all not a real moment in the night.

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