Why is The Situation Still on DWTS!?

We are a month in to DWTS and The Situation is STILL on, why? We know he’s going to make upwards of 5 million this year so is he still on because his quote was so high the folks at DWTS feel like throwing him out on his muscley ass early would be a waste of money?The tango he performed tonight was evidence that he’s only getting worse, not better. Maybe America is keeping him on to see how bad he can actually get.

The dance started with him almost dropping his partner then the rest of the routine consisted of him awkwardly moving as little as possible while his partner danced around him. ┬áLuckily the judges called it out as being a “terrible mess” ┬áthen told him he did the best he good, which I guess means the best he can do is a terrible mess.

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