Lebron James and Don Johnson Do ‘Miami Vice’ in New Nike Ad

Lebron James and Nike have done it again!

Since his “decision” to take his talents to South Beach back in July, the one question that frequently went through my head was “how long until the Miami Heat sign Don Johnson.”

This morning, my prayers were sort of answered.

Lebron James debuted a new commercial for Nike in which he reflects on decisions he’s made in the past, even before Miami, while asking the question “what should I do?”

With subliminal messaging for buying the shoes, re-enactments of high-school and the car incident and a “wink” to Charles Barkley this was shaping up to be one great commercial.

Then Lebron asked “should I become an actor?” and a cameo scene with Don Johnson as  Crockett from Miami Vice!


Lebron really did take his “talents” to South Beach.  His basketball talents, and his marketing talents.  Both of them are going to make him a really rich man for a really long time.

Check it out below.  Skip the comments section though unless you are in the mood for a head-ache.

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