Base-Brawl Ensues in San Fran McDonalds Following Game One of the World Series

God bless America!  We’ve heard of fan riots pitting each team’s supporter against each other.

But what happens following Game 1 of the 2010 World Series when the San Francisco Giants pull a huge comeback win against the Texas Rangers at home and  some San Fran hood-rat gets the last McRib in a McDonalds full of people with the post game munchies?


Check out this massive brawl that took place at a San Fran McDonalds this past Wednesday night.

The best parts of chick brawls is when the dudes jump in.

The best part of this brawl is how it took the cops longer than four minutes to show up on a night where 20,000 + presumably intoxicated baseball fans spilled out of AT&T Park celebrating a win.

Enough of my blabber, watch the video!

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