‘Crest’ Has Risen! $1 Million Raised, Celebs Rise From Digital Death

Ryan Seacrest is ALIVE!   So are all the other celebs who participated in the Digital Death campaign for World Aids Day.

Ryan Seacrest just Tweeted:

I’M ALIVE! We’ve raised $1 million to help KCA fight AIDS! Thank u guys SO MUCH for all u did!

Though we gotta say… Something is fishy here!

Not that we aren’t happy that one million dollars was raised, but  last night when Usher started Tweeting, the site said only $380,000 had been raised, and this morning when we checked again only $420,000 had been raised.

So who made the phantom $580,000 donation?  Surely the troops didn’t rally in a matter of three hours and come up with it over $10 donations.

One of these celebs must have REALLY wanted to Tweet and just donated the rest anonymously!

Which one do you think it could have been?

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