Dina Lohan Hires FBI in Lindsay Stalking Case

Dina Lohan has turned the latest case of a stalker acting out against her family over to the FBI.

It was first rumored that  former Britney Spears associate & creep Sam Lutfi had been contacting Lindsay while she’s at the Betty Ford clinic, and now it’s been revealed that this person has been contacting Dina Lohan, Lindsay, and Lindsay’s brother, Michael Jr. warning them to stay away from Dina,  Sam Lutfi, and Michael Lohan.

Dina Lohan has taken action into her own hands, according to TMZ, and hired the same FBI team whom she hired to settle Ali Lohan’s identity theft case.  They are reportedly “looking into it.”

We think Dina is a wackadoodle, but we had to see someone stalking or harassing anyone, so hopefully this person gets busted!

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