Christina Aguilera’s Friends Not Fond of New Boyfriend

Everyone is blaming a few of Christina Aguilera’s career fumbles this month, and her recent string of partying on her divorce from Jordan Bratman, but could her friends be realizing it’s something else?

Everyone seems to forget that Aguilera immediately started dating her new man Matthew Rutler on the heels of her divorce, and who knows if they hooked up before she even filed the papers.  If you recall, she did move him into her family home rather fast.

Christina Aguilera’s friends are now speaking out with concern that Matthew Rutler could be the reason for her downfall.

To be clear, we shouldn’t consider it a downfall yet, but all signs are pointing that way.  Sources tell People Magazine that Rutler is a “bad influence on her” and that he “never tells her to slow down.”

They may be moving a tad fast, but hopefully he isn’t the bad influence that those close to the singer are claiming.

What do you guys think of Matthew Rutler?  Could he be an enabler in Christina Aguilera’s fast new lifestyle that could possibly be cause for her eventual downfall?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.  Let’s get this discussion rolling!

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