Gwen Stefani Delays ‘No Doubt’ Album Release

Bad news for No Doubt fans! Though you have been teased with the band recording an album for the past year, it looks like you won’t be hearing any of it for a while.

No Doubt released their last studio album, Rock Steady,  back in 2001, and spent most of 2010 recording tracks for a new album that would have been their big return ten years in the making, however it’s not finished yet.

Stefani recently told the Wall Street Journal:

“We’ve been doing a record all year; 10 songs have been recorded. When this (new fashion line) is done I’ll probably write a few more songs. I don’t know when it’ll come out, but you never know what can happen.”

“My band takes a weird process as well. It takes so long. And all of them just had babies, so it’ll be a while.”

Most ‘No Doubt’ fans would probably settle for ten songs! Ten years of waiting is about nine too many!

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