Snooki treated like a star, Andy Dick not so much!

According to Popeater, just before Snooki left  to shoot the new season of Jersey Shore, she was royally treated like the true Hollywood star she is at a lavish studio recording for her role as chief spokesperson and participant of, a genius new tech-advanced personalized phone and social media message service launching this Summer–send a personalized message/have a personalized greeting sent to anyone, with a selection of top celebrities’ voices introducing the message or greeting. rolled out the red carpet for Snooki, with Founder/CEO Gary Kawesch and his team present, and Snooki was thrilled to be treated with a driver, bodyguard, flowers, tasty snacks of her choice, her fave candies and even a personal chef on standby, the whole nine yards, wrapping her session with even hot Hors d’oueves and gift bags loaded with fancy goodies.

After Snooki finished her first-class, state-of-the-art New York-studio recording session nibbling even more hot Hors d’oeuves and toasting Gary and his team with a glass of Crystal Champagne, Andy Dick stopped by at a basic, mid-level West Coast studio for his own recording session, a few days later.  Hearing of Snooki’s royal treatment at a far-superior recording studio with the full executive team presiding and all of Snooki’s fave treats and every creature comfort, Andy Dick felt more than slighted and mortified with his “budget” treatment of mere basics and no goodies or star treatment whatsoever.  Check out the hilarious pictures of Andy Dick’s recording session; the only goodies he could find were a cheap bottle of water, already opened and half used, and a single can of cat food!  Though Andy’s recording session demonstrated his comedic genius with staffers in hysterics, Personixx is most certainly not on his A-list and he’s probably in therapy after the abysmal ego-slapping treatment he received compared with the treatment Snooki enjoyed fitting for a Queen!

Gary tells Rob Shuter at Popeater, “Snooki enjoyed her day at the studio.  She is down to earth and a sweet girl, arriving on time, working professionally and staying late. It was our Idea to regale her with a lavish day in the studio, with flowers, driver and specailty food with a pro chef standing by.”  Snooki said “This service is so fun, and they’re treating me so amazingly I’m having a ball”.  Gary added, “I just didn’t expect to have a celebrity like Andy Dick to pitch such a diva fit, and so what if I didn’t make such a big deal of his studio experience; he’s just gotta get over it, and to be honest, Snooki is the star!  But I must also say that Andy Dick really is a great guy, and he had me rolling on the floor hysterical at his funny ad-lib bits.  Maybe I shoulda gone a bit further to make his studio experience more fitting.”

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