Fend Off Grenades With The Situation And New Mobile App

Here’s The Situation with new mobile app Personixx!  Need help fending off a grenade?  Have The Situation handle your business for you!
Sitch has joined up with mobile app company VoxBox and lended his voice to  Personixx, a new mobile app that allows users to create customized messages, voice mail greetings, and ringtones.

Sometimes you can’t get away from a stage 5 clinger like Pauly D dealt with back at the shore, luckily he had his boys there to help him out.  Now ‘Shore’ fans can have The Situation to help them out when they have their own situation to deal with by sending a message like this; “Yo (Your Name Here) This is The Situation,  That’s right.  Your favorite Italian reality TV star. (Friend’s name here) asked me to give you a call to tell you that you’re a dirty little hamster! You will most definitely be doing your own laundry. Peace.
Jersey Shore is currently airing on MTV with more than 8 million viewers per episode, and this app will be a hit for any Jersey Shore fan after a long day of GTL.

You can find out more about VoxBox and Personixx by visiting them on the web at www.personixx.com, or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/personixx

Catch Jersey Shore Thursday nights at 10PM on MTV.

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