Lindsay Lohan: Trouble On The Way

Lindsay Lohan could be in a whole heap of trouble.

No, not just because her upcoming film, the one being toted as her big comeback, John Travolta’s Gotti film has been put on hold…

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been fired from her community service job.

Problem with that is, community service was one of the three stipulations that kept Lohan ot of jail.

The other two, sobriety and cleaning up her act.  You can be the judge on how she’s handled those two.

According to sources connected to the Downtown LA Women’s shelter, Lindsay  blew off nine visits without warning all together, and when she did actually show up, she was  late and  stay for no longer than an hour.  She was fired from the shelter for her work efforts being “very unimpressive.”

Lohan was reassigned to a new service job at the Red Cross, but no word on how she’s been doing there, and if she’s made up any of her hours.

Lindsay has a progress hearing next week, and during her last visit with Judge Sautner, he told the actress  if she didn’t take her probation seriously, she was headed back to jail.

Let the countdown to court begin!

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