Ashton Kutcher Concerned Over “Men” Ratings Drop

Ashton Kutcher’s marriage is on the rocks, but his focus seems to be on ‘Two and a Half Men.’

Though there’s speculation that he may have cheated on Demi Moore during a boys weekend in San Diego on the couple’s sixth anniversary, a source close to Kutcher has revealed that the actor has been freaking out over the viewership of “Two and a Half men,” explaining that Ashton is “concerned that the ratings are dropping each week.”

To put it in perspective, the latest episode of “Men” had 15 million viewers.  It’s still the most watched comedy on TV.  Just because the ratings have declined from the 28 million who watched the premiere, the show is in no danger.

However, you have to expect Kutcher’s main goal is to put up bigger numbers than Charlie.

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One Response to Ashton Kutcher Concerned Over “Men” Ratings Drop

  1. January 22, 2012 at 4:28 pm #

    They are fools for firing Charlie. They are fools for not re-hiring Charlie, passing his death off as a dream. They are fools. Period. The show deserves to die off. Since the first time i watched the first Kutcher episode i knew the show was no longer as epic as it used to be and i tuned out after a few Kutcher episodes, much like everyone else is slowly doing.

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