80’s Rocker John Parr Remakes Hit Song to “Tim Tebow’s Fire”

Tim Tebow has the world “Tebowing” and 80’s stars remaking their hit songs to be about him.

He knocked out the defending AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers from the playoffs last week, and there’s a new anthem as he heads to Massachusetts and faces Tom Brady and the Patriots this week.

John Parr has re-made his 80’s classic “St. Elmo’s Fire” to become “Tim Tebow’s Fire.”   It was the title track to the classic movie starring Demi Moore, and if “god’s plan” is for Tebow and the Broncos to win the Super Bowl this year, it could become the anthem to their season.

Check out John Parr’s new song, “Tim Tebow’s Fire” below.

They say Tim Tebow is Jesus, but that would make Tom Brady God.   We’ll take the Pats this weekend.


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