Does Bruce Jenner Enjoy Cross Dressing?

According to an ex, he does!

You can trust this as you will, but Robert Kardashian’s former wife, Ellen, has revealed in a recent interview that she has some intel on Jenner, that he liked to dress up in women’s clothes.

During a recent interview, Ellen revealed that she once had drinks with Jenner’s ex, Chrystie, who revealed, “Of course Bruce was every woman’s heartthrob when he was that age, right? But Chrystie said, ‘Yeah, until I went on a trip and I came back and he had gone through all my clothes. And I found my bras…He’d clip them together and wear them.’ I couldn’t live with that.”

It’s a strange accusation.  Could be a secret getting out, could have been Bruce messing around, or could just be the case of an ex looking to have her name in the paper.

What do you think about Bruce Jenner?  Seem like the type?

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