Kat Dennings Confirms Shes Dating … Someone

Kat Dennings confirmed she is dating someone at an event for the Television Critics Association presenting her CBS hit show ‘2 Broke Girls.’

Dennings may not have been prepared for the question, but answered honestly, explaining, “I am dating somebody.”

When asked who she responded “I Don’t Know,” however she did admit “He’s in the business, yes.”

As for the type of man she likes to date, Dennings explained, “You know what’s really impressive to me? I’m impressed when someone’s a gentleman. It’s just impressive and with everything that’s going on and stuff, I find it really cool when someone’s chivalrous. It doesn’t have to be obnoxious. I hate when it’s too much but just a little bit here and there is very sweet. It’s nice.”

Rumors ran rampant last week that Dennings was dating her ‘2 Broke Girls’ co-star, Nick Zano, who previously dated Haylie Duff, after the pair was spotted cuddling and holding hands at a Los Angeles Lakers game at the Staples Center just last week.

So could this be the semi-confirmation we were looking for?

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