George Clooney Told Arresting Officers He Was Brad Pitt

Nothing like pretending to be your best friend when you are getting arrested, that is unless both of you are former “sexiest men alive” and very easy to pick out of a crowd.

Clooney was one of 15 activists who were handcuffed and taken into custody for refusing requests to move on and abandon a protest outside the Sudanese embassy last week.  The actor was charged with disorderly crossing a police line.

George joked with the secret service officials who arrested him Friday in D.C. that he was Brad Pitt.

Activist Fred Kramer, who was arrested with Clooney appeared on ‘Access Hollywood’ on Monday where he explained that George made the experience “not all bad.”

“We were arrested by the secret service because we were on embassy grounds and they walked us over to the paddy wagon (police van). I was in the paddy wagon with George and with, I think, three Congressmen (and) Martin Luther King III… It was a real honour to be in a paddy wagon with those people.

“George was really the movie star gentleman; he made everybody comfortable, he was cracking jokes… He tried to pass himself off as Brad Pitt.”

As for the two hours behind bars?  Kramer claims that it was productive, and had a conference feel to it.

“It was really pretty incredible. It was like a little conference. We had a table in the centre of the cell… and we spent those couple of hours… talking about what could be done, how the United States government can… lead the international community in letting that Khartoum regime know that this kind of behaviour is just no longer tolerable in the world today.”


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