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Anne Hathaway Eyeing A ‘Catwoman’ Spin-Off?

Anne Hathaway has her sights set on a passion project, a spin-off sequel to ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’ The actress appeared in the latest Christopher Nolan film as Selina Kyle, the alter ego of ¬†Batman’s nemesis, Catwoman, and she loved the role so much that she cries whenever discussing it because she missed it so […]

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George Clooney Told Arresting Officers He Was Brad Pitt

Nothing like pretending to be your best friend when you are getting arrested, that is unless both of you are former “sexiest men alive” and very easy to pick out of a crowd. Clooney was one of 15 activists who were handcuffed and taken into custody for refusing requests to move on and abandon a […]

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Donald Trump Blasts Sacha Baron Cohen’s Oscar Prank

Millions of people thought the stunt pulled by Sacha Baron Cohen’s character, ‘The Dictator’ on the red carpet at The Oscars was hilarious, but at least one person didn’t. Donald Trump to be exact.¬† Trump didn’t find it the least bit funny, and thought the way security handled it was “pathetic.” During a call in […]

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Denise Richards Calls Charlie Sheen “Like a Brother”

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen have likely had their share of differences in the past, which is what most likely lead to a divorce. But for the sake of their two daughters ,Sam and Lola, they are making it work as one big happy family. The whole fam, including Richards new adopted daughter Eloise recently […]

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