Harvey Weinstein To Release ‘Bully’ Unrated

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has decided to release his latest film ‘Bully’ as “unrated.”

MPAA bosses had initially slapped the documentary with an R rating, which bans young children from seeing the film without an adult present.  That was despite arguments that the film was essential viewing for kids as it raised awareness and should be shown in schools across the country.

Many film fans and celebrities angered by the R rating took to social media to voice their concern. Those included Justin Bieber and Meryl Streep, who added their names to a 425,000-strong petition aimed at winning the film a lower rating¬† for it’s U.S. release.

However, after losing it’s chance at a PG-13 rating by one vote, due to a few swear words, producer Weinstein has decided to release Bully without a rating.

The unrated version of the film will be released in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles later this week.

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