Chris Brown’s Father Warns Him To Stay Away From Rihanna

Chris Brown’s father is urging his son to stay clear of Rihanna, insisting it will be better for his career.

Though the former couple has put aside some serious past differences (to say the least)  to work together on two new tracks, the reception from Rihanna fans was not so great, with many saying she should never forgive him for leaving her black and blue a night before the 2009 Grammy Awards.
Now it’s Brown’s dad, Clinton Brown, who is voicing concerns about a possible reunion, revealing he has advised his son to stay away from Rihanna, in order to prevent further problems.

Brown tells Star magazine, “I do not condone everything that goes on with Chris, but I love my son with all my being. I am always concerned about him… He can make his own decisions. But, as a concerned parent, I would rather they not have any involvement.”

Clinton Brown also adds that his son has assured him that there is nothing romantic going on: “He said, ‘We are friends, and that’s the extent of it.’ But when you’re that emotionally involved with someone and have a history, it could cause problems. Sometimes you need to cut the strings and move beyond the past.”

Chris Brown was involved in an altercation in NYC just last week with members of Drake’s entourage at a night club that is rumored to have been over Rihanna, though neither party involved would confirm or deny what the fight had to do with.



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