Lady Gaga Pens Letter To Fans Detailing Problems Of Past Year

Lady Gaga has penned an open letter to fans, detailing the problems she has faced over the past year, including disagreements with her label, body image issues, and the betrayal of “lifelong friends.”

The pop superstar posted the letter to her site,, in which she writes, “Today is a really happy day for me. The past year was a challenge, and I’m so happy to have my spirit back. I felt in chains at times. Whether is be the record label disagreeing with me on single choices, or directors who could only create an idea of ‘Gaga’ or what I’ve ‘done before’ and (were) not able to move forward, and there was also of course the incessant dragging of the most important single of my career in dead-beaten-horse-mud.”

Gaga is referring to the fallout over her mega-single ‘Born This Way,’ after she was accused of copying the melody from a Madonna classic, ‘Express Yourself,’ with Madonna herself even combining the two tracks while performing on her current world tour.

Gaga has also revealed that she has been “betrayed” by friends and colleagues over the past year, but insists that she has now removed those people from her life.
She adds, “There were all the personal moments. Betrayed by lifelong friends, mentors I’ve had for years suddenly taking advantage of me, and a massive struggles with my body image. I’ve grown and left most of these things behind, the monsters of fame are very real. But I wanted to thank you for baring with me a little bit… I am feeling blessed to have removed those from my life driven by money and luxury, it’s all about the art of it. I feel free today. Thank you for always being there for me monsters. I love you.”

Lady Gaga’s new album, ARTPOP, will be released later this year.

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