Tommy Lee and PETA Teaming Up Against SeaWorld Over Music Used in Shows

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has joined forces with PETA in sending a letter to SeaWorld bosses asking them to stop blaring music during their shows, and especially to stop using Motley Crue tracks, as it is torturing to the animals.

However, Marine experts at SeaWorld San Diego have fired back at the allegations that the Motley Crue tunes played during the Shamu Rocks show are not torturing the animals. (Though it wouldn’t be a stretch to consider Motley Crue a form of torture…)

SeaWorld rep Fred Jacobs insists that PETA and Lee have their facts all wrong about the “effect of music on SeaWorld’s killer whales,” adding that “We have never played a Motley Crue song in any Shamu show, nor will we.”

Jacobs reported to,  “I can assure you the volume of music played during parts of our killer whale shows poses no risk at all to our animals.”
Tommy Lee has fired a response letter, claiming that his information is backed up by  “science from the UN (United Nations) wildlife panel and an NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) study on how loud noises are tortuous to marine mammals, especially captive ones.”

He writes, “SeaWorld won’t address the issue of noise torture because you can’t defend it.”

As for no Motley Crue being played during Shamu Rocks, Lee is pleased, adding,  “I’m glad to know Shamu Rocks doesn’t feature any Motley Crue music; PETA members are now monitoring the sad shows to see which bands are featured so that those bands can learn about this issue too.”

Are their any openings for the job at PETA where you get paid to go to SeaWorld every day and “monitor” the shows?  Count us in!

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