LL Cool J Burglar Facing Lengthy Prison Sentence

The man arrested for allegedly breaking into the home of LL Cool J is facing an extended stay in prison after being charged with first degree burglary.

The rapper, real name James Todd Smith, confronted Jonathan Kirby during the early morning of Wednesday after finding the intruder at his home in Studio City, CA.

The NCIS: LA star was able to apprehend the intruder until cops arrived at the scene.

Kirby was admitted to the hospital to receive injuries that included a broken nose, jaw, and ribs, and was still under doctors care on Thursday when he was officially charged.

If convicted, Kirby, a “third striker” faces a maximum sentence of 38 years to life behind bars, stemming from a criminal record that includes convictions for voluntary manslaughter, auto theft, and petty theft.

Prosecutors are asking for a $1.1 million dollar bail to be set, and no date has been set for his arraignment yet.

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