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LL Cool J Burglar Facing Lengthy Prison Sentence

The man arrested for allegedly breaking into the home of LL Cool J is facing an extended stay in prison after being charged with first degree burglary. The rapper, real name James Todd Smith, confronted Jonathan Kirby during the early morning of Wednesday after finding the intruder at his home in Studio City, CA. The […]

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LL Cool J Detains Home Intruder

Before LL Cool J had to get up and go to work, he had to get up and go to work! The NCIS: Los Angeles star came face to face with an intruder at his LA home this morning, after hearing a commotion downstairs. The rapper/actor grappled with the suspect, causing injuries to the man’s […]

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Paris Hilton Rep Slaims Cocaine Claims from Teenage Burglar

A rep for Paris Hilton is slamming reports that the teen burglary ring that broke into her house founds cocaine on the property. Nicholas Prugo, the 19-year-old ring leader who pleaded not guilty to a felony first-degree residential burglary, but is still awaiting trial is cashing in on this fifteen minutes of fame.  Oh he […]

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Kourtney Kardashian Was Robbed!

Why do bad things happen to beautiful people? The prettiest Kardashian always gets the short end of the stick. First Kourtney gets knocked up by a Chuck Bass wanna-be, then her house gets bulglarized! Kourtney Kardashian‘s Calabasas, Ca house was broken into while she was out to dinner Saturday evening. Thousands of dollars worth of […]

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Lindsay Knew Burglar Nick Prugo

According to reports, Lindsay Lohan and (possibly) Audrina Patridge‘s alleged burglar Nick Prugo may have known LiLo. He was seen hanging around the set of her ABC Family movie Labor Pains. This was not Prugo’s first run in with the cops, he was busted in February for cocaine possession. Prugo loves Coke+ Knew Lindsay = […]

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Lindsay Lohan’s Burglar Caught!

An arrested has been made in the burglary of Lindsay Lohan‘s house! The police also believed the suspect robbed Audrina Patridge months earlier. The suspect? NOT Lindsay herself, NOT her drug dealer wanting restitution! Police arrested Nicholas Prugo, an 18 year-old. Now the question is, did Prugo have enough time to make a hand-off in […]

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