Bruce Willis Wants To Sue Apple!

If anyone is willing to take on a giant, it’s action star Bruce Willis.

According to reports online, Bruce Willis is waging a war against Apple, over the right to be able to pass his purchased music along to his kids.

CNN cites a Daily Mail article in which the source claims that Willis has spent thousands of dollars downloading music on to “many, many iPods,” but was shocked to find out that he doesn’t actually own the songs he has purchased.  Meaning, he can’t pass it along to his daughters devices so that they too can listen to it.

The actor is said to be considering a lawsuit against apple to try and gain control over the music.

According to Apple’s terms of service on iTunes, you do not actually own the music, you just have purchased the right to listen to it on your iPod of iTunes.

Jonathan Handel, an entertainment attorney  told CNN, “When you buy a book, you own the copy of that book but not the actual material. What you are buying here is right to use music on certain devices.”

This policy isn’t exclusive to iTunes either, as many other music services use it in order to combat piracy and sharing of music.   Bruce Willis has yet to respond to the claims, but he may want to reconsider after the recent awarding of $1 billion dollars to Apple from Samsung over the use of similar technology in their smart phones and tablets.


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