Lindsay Lohan Arrested In NYC

Lindsay Lohan was arrested early Tuesday morning in New York City for leaving the scene of an accident.

While making a turn into the Dream Hotel, Lohan allegedly clipped an unidentified 30-year-old man in the knee who was crossing the entrance.

According to the early reports, Lohan did not stop, but only quickly checked the car for damages before going inside the hotel.

The police were called while Lohan was inside the hotel, and she was arrested upon leaving around 2:30am.

The man involved was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for injuries, and claimed that Lohan reeked of booze when he confronted the actress.

However, new surveillance video of the incident has been turned over to the authorities who have reviewed it, and have come to the conclusion that she either grazed the man at an ultra low speed, or just missed him.

The man is also seen in the video running after the car, and attempting to confront Lohan who already had a crowd around her.   The running sort of makes the ambulance ride to the hospital seem a little silly doesn’t it?

Lohan was taken to the station, finger printed, photographed, and let go without having to post bail.

It seems like she’ll probably get away on this one, and maybe wasn’t as guilty as she seems, but leaving the scene won’t do her any favor with Judge Stephanie Saunter, and it could still be a violation of her probation.




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