Lady Gaga Heartbroken By Hurricane Sandy

Lady Gaga has been left heartbroken by the destruction left behind after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast on Monday.

Gaga was at a tour stop in Puerto Rico when the storm hit her native NY, and the singer admits that she felt her “entire childhood is underwater” as she watched the coverage on TV.

Gaga took to her Little Monsters blog to offer thoughts and support to those affected.  In the post, titled Hurricane Blues, she writes;  “I’m not sure where to put these feelings. I’m so sad. I feel like my entire childhood is underwater. The boardwalk in Atlantic City (in New Jersey), my old apts (apartments) in Brooklyn and LES (Lower East Side). All the bars and friends.

“I’m just so sad. I know it will be OK. I’m not sure why I feel this way. Maybe homesickness, or maybe it’s easier to be a gypsy if you know your soul grows from somewhere great. And that great place protected me my whole life, now parts are destroyed. Just very sad and pensive today. Thinking of everyone today.”

Many are still without power, some are without homes all together, and much of the water has been contaminated.

Everyone should be careful and take all necessary precautions before using the water!


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