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One more night of freedom! Sort of.

Fallout Boy Pete Wentz celebrated his last night of freedom with a bachelor party in Los Angeles last night.

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Weekend wedding, one Simpson is going alone!

This is going to be the look of the happy couple as they walk down the isle as newlyweds this weekend. As for Ashlee’s sister Jessica, It might be the walk of shame.

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Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are reportedly tying the knot very very soon! The weekend of May 16th to be exact.

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I ain’t pregnant y’all!

Ashlee Simpson does Shape and Mold Shape Magazine! I wonder if they airbrushed in that shimmery-shiny skin tone, or if she actually had some glossy cleavage tattooed onto her anorexic, surgery-addicted cute-ass little bod!

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“My Beautiful Mommy”: The importance of sacrifice.

Beauty education is the ultimate goal… New book written by a plastic surgeon and designed to help kids cope with a bruised or “transforming” mommy, is the final step towards programming society’s young (kids and toddlers, actually) as to the importance of sacrifice and pain in order to fulfill one’s goals…

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Joe $impson is at it again

First there was the news that Ashlee and Pete were engaged. Then there was the pregnancy rumors/not rumors. And now, in the least surprising of events, Joe Simpson is trying to make more money off of his kids!

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