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Steve O for NOH8

Jackass’ Steve-O is the latest celeb to pose for the NOH8 campaign. Steve-O did a whole series with photographer Adam Bouska which you can view by clicking here. Make sure to check out all of the celebs shot for the campaign and support NOH8

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Pudgy Perez Hilton No More!

Perez Releases Second Statement

Late last night, after he already said he would not apologize to GLADD, Perez Hilton left a statement, from the heart, on his site. He writes; From the heart: “Words can hurt. I know that very well, from both sides of the fence. The other night in Toronto, after feeling physically threatened by a verbally […]

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Perez Responds to GLADD

GLADD wanted an apology for Perez Hilton’s use of the word f*ggot in a verbal altercation with Will I Am this past weekend, and it looks as if they aren’t going to get it exactly. In a statement to E! Online; Hilton said; “I am saddened GLAAD chose to victimize me further by criticizing me […]

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GLADD Demands Apology From Perez

Apparently a black eye wasn’t enough for GLADD to forgive Perez Hilton for calling   The Black Eyed Peas  Will. I. Am. a “f*ckin f*ggot” during an altercation at an after party for Toronto’s Much Music Video Awards this past weekend. The Gay Rights organization is demanding an apology from Hilton for his anti-gay slur calling […]

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Sonny and Cher’s Baby Girl Becomes a Man

Chastity Bono, daughter of the infamous Sonny and Cher, has opted to become a man. “Yes, it’s true-Chaz, after many years of consideration, has made the courageous decision to honor his true identity,” said Bono’s publicist Howard Bragman. Chaz made the decision several months ago, following his 40th birthday. It’s unclear how far Chaz will […]

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Lambert, Out!

Surprise surprise, Adam Lambert is Gay! Okay, so it’s not really a surprise, as he tells the latest issue of Rolling Stone; “I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear I’m gay,” Clearly taking a jab at Clay Aiken’s “I’m Gay” cover of People that took him 5 years to admit,  […]

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Spears for the Gays

Britney Spears surely has a large gay following, so in this new fun spoof video for a faux perfume which is aimed at the gay community. She calls it ‘Mo, which is a term used by the gay community to reference eachother, derrived from homosexual. The video feaures Britney speaking the tag line, “One spray, […]

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Kim Kardashian: “Shame” on California!

Kim Kardashian is another celebs using her status to speak out against todays upholding of Proposition 8. Kim posted on her official blog; Today the California Supreme Court decided to uphold Prop 8, outlawing gay marriage in California. This really makes me sad. I thought we were more forward thinking than this, and I’m disappointed […]

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Chief Upholds Gay Marriage Ban.

The California Supreme court ruled today to uphold a ban on Gay Marriage. The judge did rule however, that all of the people who got married before the ban went back into effect, will be legally allowed to stay married. Sucks, but good for those who beat the deadline. There will be protests all over […]

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Khloe Kardashian Supports the Gays

Today the California Supreme Court will vote on the reversal of Prop 8, which placed a ban on gay marriages in the state. Khloe Kardashian posted her thoughts on the subject matter on her official blog this morning, and this is what she has to say; “Hi dolls. The California State Supreme Court announced yesterday […]

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