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Top Gun Star Jets Out of the Closet.

After years and years of fighting off rumors suggesting that she was gay, Top Gun star Kelly McGillis has emerged from the closet and announced giving up on men. The actress has been married twice, and has two daughters from her time with Fred Tillman, but recently said in an interview; “I’m done with the […]

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Bill O’Riley Sort of Outs Idol Front Runner?

Call him captain obvious, but Bill O’Riley may have insinuated on his talk show last evening that American Idol 8 contestant Adam Lambert was gay. O’Riley showed some photos that were leaked on the internet before the competition heated up with feautred the Hollywood resident making out with dudes, and wearing a bunch of make-up. […]

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Strike One or No?

Dear President-elect Obama, welcome to getting criticized for every decision you make for the next four years. The gay’s are upset at Mr. Obama’s latest decision in choosing Rick Warren, a pastor from California to give the inaugural invocation when he is sworn in as President on January 20th. Warren is the senior pastor of […]

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Switch Hitter?

Has former Danity Kane girl Aubrey O’day been keeping a secret from us all?  Is she ready to share? In the latest episode of Tales From the Closet,  rumors are going around that O’day has got herself a gal-pal this time around the relationship trail. Aubrey showed up to an event in Hollywood with a […]

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Quote Of the Day.

“People who speak out for gay people just so that they can create a fan base annoy the shit out of me. People like Tori Spelling. She doesn’t have compassion for them. She’s not going out doing things for them. She’s like, “Oh, I have such a huge gay following.” It’s because no one else […]

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No Milk for Cinemark!

Harvey Milk’s courage to become the first elected openly gay politician in America changed lives, and now your courage can help as well. WWW.NOMILKFORCINEMARK.COM has started a campaign to boycott going to see the new Sean Penn film, Milk at any theater owned and operated by the Cinemark corporation. As noted in the flier above, […]

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Remember to Defend Equality Today.

Remember today is the national protest against Prop 8! Show up and Join the Impact! It starts at 1:30 EST/10:30PST  and is happening all over the nation. To find out where you can go, head over to this website

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Join the Impact In Your City Tomorrow!

Millions of people across America will be rallying tomorrow in their own cities to promote equality and stand up against California Prop 8. Many celebs and high powered voices are expected to be out in the Los Angeles area as well as every city across the country. To find out when and where people in […]

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Does Elton Have the Answer You All Are Lookin’ For?

Elton John wants Americans to stop using the word ‘marriage.’ At an AIDS Foundation event in NYC this week, Elton was bombarded with questions regarding the passing of California Prop 8 which put a ban on gay marriage and he insists it’s not that bad. Elton tells Access Hollywood; “David and I have a civil […]

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Progress in Connecticut.

A judge in Connecticut cleared the way for Gay marriage in the state this morning, by giving same sex couples  the same rights to wed as straight couples already have. This decision comes after the state law which banned gay marriage was successfully challenged by just eight couples! Connecticut has honored civil unions since 2005, […]

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