Bill O’Riley Sort of Outs Idol Front Runner?


Call him captain obvious, but Bill O’Riley may have insinuated on his talk show last evening that American Idol 8 contestant Adam Lambert was gay.

O’Riley showed some photos that were leaked on the internet before the competition heated up with feautred the Hollywood resident making out with dudes, and wearing a bunch of make-up.

Lambert himself has never confirmed nor denied the question, and it’s not certain that anyone has had the guts to ask, but assuming that the answer is yes, O’Riley asked his panel how they thought being a homosexual would affect his standings in the race to become the next AI.

Everyone seemed to agree that it would have no effect at all, and that the people voted based off talent (almost true) and that there are plenty of gay icons in music.

What do you think comin’ out would do to his chances? If he is, should he come on out or should he hold off and do it Clay Aiken style.

Perez Hilton already threw the call for support in Adam’s direction today via his Twitter page, which has 500,000 followers.  Expect a spike in Lambert’s numbers alone just from Perez’s gang.

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2 Responses to Bill O’Riley Sort of Outs Idol Front Runner?

  1. April 8, 2009 at 7:24 am #

    I might be mistaken, but I think that Adam stated on AI, that he doesn’t hide who he is. I think that was the next time he was on there, performing. After the pictures had surfaced. I could be totally wrong though.
    I think America can, and will embrace his sexual preference,and he’ll be able to continue being judged for his talents.
    Of course the media, and the bloggers will beat it to death, of ‘is he or isn’t he’, ‘will it hurt his chances, or won’t it, of winning the title’ styled discussions.
    Personally, after last nights standing ovation,by none other than Simon on a song I couldn’t find ANYONE who had heard before. I think Simon is drooling, and chomping at the bit to get Adam to win it all. He sees dollar signs with Adam.
    It felt like all night long, his comments were a concerted effort to sway the public opinion, into his idea of who to vote for. That is Adam.
    Personally, I was into Danny Gokey, but I think he lost his way. Lost his confidence.
    I’m now half expecting a run off between Allison and Adam.

  2. April 9, 2009 at 4:29 pm #

    After making top 13 he was asked about goggling himself and what he found. He said – It is what it is. I have nothing to hide.

    He is out and proud. I can’t believe people think he needs to do more than that.

    Should all people on AI be required to announce if they are straight or gay before they sing?

    It is a singing contest. Let’s try to keep that in mind.

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