Spears for the Gays


Britney Spears surely has a large gay following, so in this new fun spoof video for a faux perfume which is aimed at the gay community.

She calls it ‘Mo, which is a term used by the gay community to reference eachother, derrived from homosexual.

The video feaures Britney speaking the tag line, “One spray, and the gays will run your way.”

The videos producer tells MTV.com ove Brit’s interest in filming the ad;

“She’s having fun with her gay audience, because she’s an official gay icon at such a young and tender age. She has this natural rapport with the gay community. I think she just really likes her gay fans and she sees this as a way to talk directly to them, which she hasn’t really done before.”

The spot was filmed for Logo TV’s  NewNowNext awards, which will take place on June 13 and will see Spears presented with an award.

The NewNowNext awards embrace the gay culture.

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