Asher Roth Loves College, Not Lohan.


Lindsay Lohan is taking it pretty personal that Asher Roth snubbed her at one of his recent LA concerts, and she took to her Twitter to address the sitch.

After a recent show at the University of California Santa Barbara campus, Linds tweeted; “Wow. Asher was cocky to all my friends and not that nice.”

So, what caused Lindsay to make these claims?

Well apparently Lindsay was continuously bugging both Roth and his management to invite her on the stage while he sang his song “She Don’t Want a Man” but her requests kept going ignored.

In addition, Lindsay was so annoying that the rapper decided to scrap the song from his set list all together.

So has all the ‘college’ fame gone to Roths head, or is Lindsay just miffed at the fact that she’s irrelevant these days even to up and coming white rappers.

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