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STARZLIFE PICS: Wet, Slick Joe Jonas

Is that an iPod shuffle in your pocket or are you just indifferent to see me? Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers (he’s the one who doesn’t write the songs and is going solo) walked around in the stormy downpour that’s been ruining Los Angeles recently. Starzlife was there.

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Turn One on the American Idol Downward Spiral

It’s silly enough that American Idol had to go ahead and sign on guest judges for the auditions for this upcoming season, but Joe Jonas!?!! Of all the musicians in the world, they chose this guy? Joe will be participating in the upcoming Dallas, Texas auditions.  So any of you Texans who want advice from […]

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Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle Have Stopped Holding Hands

ATTENTION PRETTY LADIES! If you like reflected limelight but don’t like sex, Joe Jonas is back on the market. The virginal, hair-straightening frontman for tween-pop Beatles-second-coming The Jonas Brothers has been kicked to the curb by Camilla Belle, the comely star of 10,000 BC and The Chumscrubber. What did gossip columnists do before IMDB? I […]

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Joe Jonas Finds Himself a Racist Photo Scandal Too.

Miley Cyrus is being sued by every single Asian American in the state of California or something for doing the old third grade Chinese eyes pose and having it captured on photo, and if Joe Jonas doesn’t watch himself, he’ll be finding himself in the same situation. A photo of Joe squinting his eyes popped […]

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