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LC: Not at my party!

The Hills held it’s season wrap party last night at a mansion in Hollywood for the viewing of the very long season finale. All the stars of the show were on hand for the viewing EXCEPT for evil do-ers Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.

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Together again!

It seems like everywhere Lauren Conrad goes these days, Heidi Montag pops up in her shadow. After all the drama on last season of The Hills where Lauren and Heidi would never be at the same place at the same time, and Heidi had to be photoshopped in every promotional picture. This Season, the girls seem to be cooperating […]

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Helps to be bff’s with a Hollywood PR Power house!  I just got a call and I can exclusively report for fabulous STARZLIFE.COM that Lauren Conrad has been paid a whopping $150,000.00 to endorse! Holy baby Jesus!  That’s a lot of dough!  Facebook who?  Now this little Hill’s star can finally afford to get those roots […]

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Scripted or unscripted? That is the question…

Lauren Conrad has a dramatic, natural stare.. MTV’s The Hills is returning this week, and has published an interesting post in which Lauren Conrad, the so-called “Queen of The Hills,” tries to explain how she, cast and producers make sure to “keep it real” while filming the “unscripted” hit TV show.  Me thinks it’s […]

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Baby’s the new Botox.

Lauren Conrad is rumored to be pregnant… Buh-bye, hot bod! Heidi Montag must be thrilled.  Pretty soon, Lauren Conrad might start looking like an orange watermelon, and may even decide to take a break from designing her “overpriced” duds that simply sell out over Montag’s own slutty “flirty” creations… According to, the latest info […]

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Lauren Conrad: Another busy lady!

TV, fashion, and decisions, how in the world does she manage it all? Lauren Conrad has also been quite the hard worker this week, as she juggled all her projects at once!! The Hills’ star managed to film segments for the show, film promotional material for her fashion line, and even pick the models for […]

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Mighty bossy, are we not?

Where’s the fashion?  The Hills’ Lauren Conrad also revealed her new line at Project in Las Vegas this week!! Unfortunately, we have no pictures available at this moment.  Most of our photographers, sweethearts as always, are still busy helping her pack up!

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