Together again!

20526522-20526523-slarge.jpgIt seems like everywhere Lauren Conrad goes these days, Heidi Montag pops up in her shadow. After all the drama on last season of The Hills where Lauren and Heidi would never be at the same place at the same time, and Heidi had to be photoshopped in every promotional picture. This Season, the girls seem to be cooperating to earn their paychecks.

For those of you who watch the show, and obviously theres about 5 million of you, myself included. You know that Heidi stopped by Laurens apartment, always showing up at the same clubs, blah blah blah scripted drama you know the routine. Well once LC was invited to the White House Correspondent’s Ball this past weekend, Heidi and her Puppet master, Spencer had to find themselves a way in. They even found their way to all the same after parties, causing Lauren to make early exits to get away from the gruesome twosome.

Now Heidi has joined Lauren, Whitney, and Audrina on the cover of the new Rolling Stone. All 4 girls got together for the shoot meaning Lauren was forced to stand about 2 feet from Heidi all day (without ever making any direct contact with her)It’s also rumored that after Montag came out in support for John McCain as presidential candidate, Conrad said she didn’t believe in making her choice known, but during the dinner at the White House, Conrad was caught clapping for the Republican but turning her nose up to the mention of democrats! Could LC be secretly backing big John also??? (Well duh, he’s one of the 5 million fans of The Hills, you scratch her back she’ll scratch yours.)

As Starzlife reported yesterday, Conrad just inked a $150,000.00 deal to be the face of, a social networking site for college students. I’d bet money Spencer Pratt already has a call into facebook trying to get the name changed to heidibook.

Now that these two are doing everything together without doing everything together, they are seeming more and more like the Paris and Nicole of old. Can you smell a teary reunion on the series finale? (whenever that may be)

Boy this is long…In other more important Hills related news… Did everyone notice how friendly Justin Bobby has been? He’s like a new man. who would have thought.

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  1. April 30, 2008 at 1:46 pm #

    Heidi looks so posed. Audrina is a modern-day Tiffany Amber-Thiesen (as Kelly Kapowski)!

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