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Your Tuesday Funny: A Starzlife Top 50 Tuber

This is hilarious… Pick your ghetto name! Click here to follow Starzlifettaquisha on Twitter!

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Warning: Mackenzie Phillips Confesses A Disturbing Secret

Mackenzie Phillips (daughter of rock ‘n’ roll legends John and Michelle Phillips and half sister of Bijou Phillips) has a new book coming out – and one hell of a secret. No, Mackenzie’s story isn’t a Lifetime movie called “I Woke Up Next To Daddy,” it’s real life. In the actress’ new memoir, ‘High On […]

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Madonna Gives “Dancing With The Stars” Star Advice

We don’t quite understand the phenomenon that is Dancing With The Stars. The “mom and pop” show was only vaguely appealing television once – when Heather Mills‘ leg threatened to fly off during the Waltz. But if Madonna came on? Yeah, we’d watch. Current contestant, actress and dancer Debi Mazar (who is probably more famous […]

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Jackson Nurse: He Lost 5 Pounds A Day

The latest passenger on the Michael Jackson bandwagon is his private nurse, a woman who says she was with him during his last days. Cherilyn Lee blames his promoters for the strenuous rehearse schedule that she says was making Michael lose 5-6 pounds a day. Says Nurse Loosey Lips: “He was concerned about his weight, […]

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Your First Taste of the New Madonna: Celebration

Club-goers in Ibiza this weekend were treated to an exclusive Paul Oakenfold remix of the upcoming Madonna single, ‘Celebration.’ And guess what?! It found its way online! We’re loving the old-school, back-to-the-80s sound Madonna’s working this time.  The single is the first release of two new singles from her upcoming greatest hits collection, ‘Celebration’ due […]

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