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Bill Clinton in Hangover 2

We doubt the producers of The Hangover 2 are having any regrets about passing on former powerful actor Mel Gibson for the film since they now have landed former most powerful man in the world Bill Clinton. TMZ is reporting that Bill Clinton shot a cameo for the film today and why wouldn’t a president […]

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New Couple Alert!! Lady Gaga & Bill Clinton? Naw, It’s the TIME 100!

Okay, not really, but both are being featured in this year’s TIME Magazine 100 most influential people. The TIME 100 takes the top people in the fields of leaders, heroes, artists, thinkers, and social networking. A few others included on the list are Conan O’brien, Steve Jobs, Sarah Palin, Oprah Winfrey, Nancy Pelosi, and Taylor […]

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Bush Wipes Hand On Clinton’s Shirt in Haiti

It probably looks way worse than it actually is, but you have to admit it’s funny! In this new video posted below from the BBC documenting the Bush Clinton Haiti Fund’s trip to the earthquake stricken nation, It would appear that former President George W. Bush wipes his hand on former President Bill Clinton’s shirt […]

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Clinton Gets Pardon for Two Jailed American Journalists

Leave it to American citizen Bill Clinton to jet off to North Korea to clean up a mess that old Barry O hasn’t been able to clean up yet. Super Bill met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il this morning and jailed American journalists to discuss their freedom.  Laura Ling and Euna Lee have […]

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