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Verne Troyer’s Got That ’50 Cent Money’

Looks like 50 cent has some competition! In response to his “half a mil for lunch” photo shoot last week,  Verne Troyer has responded. Mini-me posted the following photo and caption on his twitter page: “50 cent has nothing on me” Except for 6’8 and 250-some pounds, he might not! Those Austin Powers residuals must […]

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Even low for Verne Troyer! has learned exclusively that Mini Me aka Verne Troyer has sunk to a new low by bashing his ex Ranae Shrider on her myspace.  The Micro porn star has been spending his time contacting all of his ex’s  “friends” on myspace, and talking total smack.  WTF?  IMHO Mini Me needs to spend more time thinking up some clever […]

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Does it even exist?

Keith Davidson, attorney for Ranae Shrider released a statement to the AP this afternoon suggesting that Verne Troyer’s lawsuit might either be a farce, or the work of a “trivial celebrity” who’s just trying to “keep his name in the limelight.”

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Camp Shrider releases a statement!

Just recieved an email from Ranae Shrider’s camp regarding the recent lawsuit filed by Verne Troyer which included claims of abuse. Check it out after this!

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She’s a bruiser?

Fortunately for Ranae Shrider, her name is still making headlines.  Unfortunately for Ranae Shrider, it’s because “Mini-Me” Verne Troyer is suing her for….20 million dollars

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Ranae Shrider

Verne, Mini Me, Troyer’s “co-star” Ranae Shrider, proves that she isn’t just talented in the bedroom! Starzlife caught the 22 year-old, 5’9 Kentucky native running lines and laughing with a friend before her acting class with highly respected Ivana Chubbuck author of, “The Power of the Actor” in Hollywood this afternoon. “The Power of the […]

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