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Audrina Wants In On Twilight Action.

Audrina Patridge is trying to establish herself as a serious actress, and what better way than to weasel her way into a newly successful franchise that is full of emerging talent. Twilight opened last weekend making over $70 million dollars, and became the highest grossing opening for a female director, with the second movie of […]

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Party At Audrina’s!!!

Here are a couple photos of Audrina Patridge shopping at an LA area Ralphs for what appears to be party necessities. Audrina stocked up on at least 4 cases of Bud Light Lime and a couple bags of potato chips. Seems like a bit much for an evening with Justin Bobby or Corey Bohar, so […]

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Audrina Responds!

Audrina Patridge admits this morning she woke up to quite some surprise to find everyone talking about Lauren‘s alleged hookup with Justin Bobby.. On her official blog she writes; I woke up this morning and it seems like just about every gossip magazine or blog has a story about Lauren hooking up with Justin. I’m […]

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It Will Never End.

Laguna Beach is a never ending spin-off machine.  First they spun off Lauren’s character into “The Hills” now they are spinning off Whitney with a new series called “The City” and inevitably we will end up with a Spencer and Heidi spin off probably titled, “Meet the F*ckers,” or something along those lines. But it […]

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She’s Going to Design Clothes Now Too!

I guess if you don’t design some sort of fashions, you are a nobody these days. First there was the Lauren Conrad Collection, then Heidiwood, followed by Eve & A by Whitney Port, Now Audrina Patridge is joining in on the action. Its not exactly the same, as Patridge will be joining up with Divine […]

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Audrina Kicked to the Curb.

Well she wasn’t exactly kicked to the curb, but Audrina Patridge has officially moved out of Lauren Conrad’s pool house. There were moving trucks and the girls were loading up boxes on Thursday afternoon for Audrinas official departure from the Hollywood Hills home. She’s never been able to get along with old time Lauren bestie, […]

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Audrina’s XXX Games.

Audrina Patridge is no stranger to scandal with a set of leaked nude photos and all, but what’s this Hills star been doing when the MTV cameras are off? Find out after this.

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Things you didn’t already know about Audrina.

Every interview with Audrina Patridge asks the same questions.  Are you friends with Lauren?, are you mad at Lauren?, Did Lo come in between you and Lauren?.  So why would her interview with the LA times be any different?  Well it was… check it out after this!

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Rough Life.

Audrina Patridge took the day off from her fake job and filming her “unscripted drama” to go shopping with some boyfriends in West Hollywood.

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The Hills’ new “It” girl.

Move over L.C. , Audrina Patridge is taking over as the hottest bitch in the hills.

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