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Brandy: “I am Numb” Over DWTS Elimination

Sounds more like a song title to us, but after her shocking elimination from Dancing With the Stars last night, Brandy speaks! Let’s note, we thought her and Maksim were the best couple on the show for many weeks now, with Jennifer Gray coming in close second.  However, how can you not be Team Bristol […]

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WTF Bristol Palin in DWTS Final!?

Well, it looks like Bristol Palin stumbled her way into the finals of DWTS beating out Brandy and others who could actually dance. We aren’t sure who to distrust at this point, the producers or America. She has not turned in one decent dance! Is America grading on a curve? or are the show’s producers […]

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Bristol Palin Avoids a “Situation” in New PSA

While Sitch has been bounced from Dancing With the Stars for a few weeks now, and Palin is hours away from earning her spot in next week’s finale tonight, the two had time to pair up for a PSA to raise awareness for teen pregnancy. Bristol, a once pregnant teen herself has become an activist […]

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Kelly Osbourne Talks ‘Team Bristol’ on Ellen

Dancing With the Stars  season 9 runner up Kelly Osbourne is on the same bandwagon as us for this season of the hit ABC show. She’s voting for Bristol Palin. While we both probably know she’s not the best dancer, there’s a reason she’s outlasted 8 other contestants so far. While chatting with Ellen on […]

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Bristol Palin Safe Again! Kurt Warner Sent Packin’ on Dancing With the Stars

If you don’t believe in the power of Palin yet, then you haven’t been tuning into Dancing With the Stars. Despite multiple weeks with the lowest score, and multiple weeks in the bottom two, Bristol Palin lives to see another day thanks to the voters. Though former NFL Quarterback Kurt Warner scored higher than Bristol […]

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Meghan McCain Calls Bristol Palin Not Voting “Ridiculous”

One person who you’d expect to be rooting for Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars is not a fan! Meghan McCain, daughter of former Presidential hopeful John McCain  is being very critical of Bristol Palin‘s “woopsie” of forgetting to ship in her absentee ballot for this Tuesday’s election while she’s here in Los Angeles. […]

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Bristol Palin DIDN’T VOTE!!!

Bristol Palin, you know the one competing for votes on Dancing With the Stars, should know more than anyone how important voting is. The whole reason she is still on DWTS is because people voted for her, despite her horrible dancing, the same people who voted for her  mother Sarah, despite her being horribly unqualified, […]

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Rick Fox: Dancing With the Stars’ “Most Shocking” Elimination Ever?

It’s only fitting that Bristol Palin remain safe on Dancing With the Stars during last night’s historical election night. A quick shout out to Sarah Palin, who SPOILED the DWTS results for the West coast during her appearance on Fox News results show around 8PM pacific time. Rick Fox was last night’s elimination, and we’ll […]

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Brandy Wows the Judges on Dancing With the Stars For Top Score

Dancing With the Stars might just be Brandy’s competition to lose! The R&B star and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy scored the highest on the judges leader board again last night with a 26 on their tango. It was Kurt Warner, not Bristol Palin who struggled with the bottom score this week, earning only an 18 […]

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Bristol Palin Safe, Bye Bye Brady on Dancing With the Stars

Bristol Palin has withstood another week at the bottom two, to edge out Florence Henderson on Dancing With the Stars. Even on a week when Mrs. Brady danced to the theme of her own show, The Brady Bunch, she couldn’t overcome the teens, who sent just enough texts to push Bristol on for another week. […]

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