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Bristol Palin Dropped From University Abststinence Panel

A group of students from Washington University have protested an invitation to Bristol Palin to speak at their St. Louis campus causing the invitation to be rescinded. Bristol was invited by the Student Health Advisory Committee to talk about abstinence during the university’s Student Sexual Responsibility Week, but concerns of her lack of expertise on […]

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Bristol Palin Headed For the Desert

Bristol Palin is headed for college! The former Dancing With the Stars contestant and ‘Teen Activist’ has reportedly purchased a home in Maricopa, Arizona. According to the report, Bristol paid the $172,000 in cash for the home, which is quite the steal, considering the foreclosed property sold for a whopping $330,000 just four years ago. […]

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Kathy Griffin May Lose New Years Gig Over Bristol Palin Comments

Kathy Griffin’s little crack at Bristol Palin at a rally for the troops this past weekend may have cost her one of her annual hosting gigs! While hosting VH1 Divas Support the Troops this past weekend, Griffin was showered with “boos” as she made a joke that Bristol Palin had gained about 30 lbs. per […]

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Kathy Griffin Takes Aim at Bristol Palin’s Weight on VH1 Special

Kathy Griffin was met by a chorus of boos that rivaled a Lebron James homecoming this past weekend when she hosted the VH1 Divas Salute the Troops special that aired on Sunday night. In her opening routine, she ragged on Bristol Palin as the “only contestant on dancing with the stars to ever gain weight […]

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Bristol Palin is Rich, and Here to Stay

Just because she was robbed eliminated on Dancing With the Stars, doesn’t mean the end of Bristol Palin. According to a report on Kikster.com , Bristol is Diddy Dirty Money rich, and has big plans in store for all of you. A source tells Kikster: “Bristol made over $345,000 from being on the show and […]

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Dancing With the Stars Finale: Bristol’s Big Night?

Tonight is the night we see how it all ends on Dancing With the Stars. Wiill Bristol Palin pull one of Televison’s biggest upsets? We’re going to go out on a limb an predict yes, for the sake of epic television, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Jennifer Gray pulls out a win, with Bristol […]

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Jodie Sweetin Wants to Join Dancing With the Stars

Jodie Sweetin is the latest star to come out and say she wants to compete on Dancing With the Stars! She tells the new issue of People Magazine, in which she shows off her new born baby Beatrix; “I really want to do the show,” Jodie Sweetin tells PEOPLE. “I just want to dance, but […]

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Are the Threats Against Bristol Palin Staged?

Reports of  threats against Bristol Palin delivered to the DWTS offices have flooded the media. Is this a sad attempt to garner sympathy and hush Palin’s critics?  The threats are said to be under investigation by the FBI and LAPD, no one seems to have any information but no one seems to have any information […]

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Blog of The Day!

This blogger makes a compelling point. Whereas Kelly Osbourne credits DWTS for jump starting her tremendous weight loss, Bristol Palin has made it as far as Kelly without shedding a pound. Could their be something else at play? We thought Palin’s partner Mark Ballas was the one that was dancing for two.

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Bristol Palin Apologizes for Facebook War of Words

Bristol Palin has officially issued an apology for the hateful words used by her and her sister during a facebook argument this past weekend when a local bully started badmouthing their new reality series and family. Willow Palin used homophobic terms like ‘gay’ and ‘f*ggot’ to describe the boy, while Bristol called him fat, and […]

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