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Justin Bieber Sets Mom’s Hair On Fire, Only to Save the Day

Justin Bieber came to the rescue of his mother Saturday night  at his concert in Berlin. Bieber brought his mother, Pattie Mallette on stage to surprise her with a birthday cake, but when she leaned in to blow out the candles her hair caught fire! Bieber wrote to his Twitter.com page: “Sick show in Berlin… […]

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Michael Lohan : Fire Fighter

Michael Lohan came to the rescue of a neighbor yesterday when he noticed that the apartment building he’s living in was on fire. Michael noticed smoke at the West Hollywood apartment he’s staying in last evening, before heroically breaking the glass to the fire extinguisher and rushing to help a neighbor pt out the flames […]

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Diddy to Pay For Damages For Model’s Flamin’ Hair

Always a gentleman! P Diddy has offered to cover the expenses for the damages to the hair of a model at a recent party, when it caught on fire in a jacuzzi tub. Miyoki Jones was on fire at the album release party for Diddy Dirty Money’s   ‘Last Train to Paris’ earlier this month, when […]

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Kat Von D Loses Cat in House Fire

Horrible news for Kat Von D! Her house burnt down this past weekend, with her cat, Valentine, inside. Kat tweeted: “my house burned down last night with my cat inside.” “R.I.P Valentine, you will be missed.” So many things can be replaced but not a friendship like that! Sorry Kat!

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Jessica Alba’s Fish Stick Fire

Woops!  FDNY had to pay a little visit to Jessica Alba’s hotel room on Wednesday when she set off smoke alarms trying to make dinner for her daughter, Honor. Alba was trying to heat up frozen fish sticks, but wasn’t sure about how to use the oven.  Whatever way she chose was wrong and filled […]

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Bruce Willis Re-Opens Fire-Ravaged Ski Resort

After a blaze at Bruce Willis’ ski resort last March burned the lodge to the ground,it’s time again to hit the slopes! The Soldier Mountain Ski Resort lodge in Idaho is back open for business after construction workers rallied to get it all re-built in just under a year. The 2009 fire was determined by […]

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Never Before Seen Footage of When Michael’s Hair Caught Fire!!!

Holy cow! This is footage from the 1984 Pepsi shoot where some pyro went off early which caused Michael Jackson’s hair to catch on fire leaving him with second and third degree burns on his scalp and face!

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