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Robert Pattinson is Bothered by Halloween

“I can’t think of a bigger middle finger than getting that in a bag for Halloween” At least as far as Jimmy Fallon’s “Bothered with Robert Pattinson“ skit is concerned. Check out the mega hilarious clip below!

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LA People Looking to Cause Mischief Tonight!!!

There’s one party in town that you do not want to miss. Dirt Nasty as well as others will be performing at Mischief Night at Coco Deville and STK. Some people very close to the event tell Starzlife that there will also be some pretty big named stars there.  Stars you might want to write […]

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Ryan Seacrest got in the spirit this morning on his radio show, dressing up as  Erik Estrada’s Ponch, from CHiPS. Seacrest is actually wearing the authentic Ponch outfit, brought in by Estrada himself. Does Ryan Seacrst make the perfect Ponch?

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Quote of the Day

“Halloween?Skeletons and pumpkins aren’t actually scary,just bone scaffold and a vegetable.You might as well be scared of potatoes and hair.” -Funnyman Russel Brand tweets a little joke about what’s “scary” on Halloween.

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It’s Mischief Day at Starzlife

In honor of Halloween eve, known also as mischief night, or devils night depending on where you are, were going to bring you some of the scariest sights you’ve ever seen, as well as see what kind of mischief we can stir up. What better way to start off by bringing you this photo of […]

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Halloween 3-D D-Layed

If you love the recent Halloween remakes – and you don’t, but someone must, because they make money – don’t hold your breath for Halloween 3-D. Pre-production on the cut-rate slasher has been halted due to a weak script, Nikki Finke reports. The attached director, My Blood Valentine 3-D auteur Patrick Lussier, has another no […]

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