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Defending Lohan

Lindsay Lohan does have ONE person on her side at least. The executive producer for her the controversial film, Inferno, where she will play porn star Linda Lovelace. Jon Fong, production exec from Muse Films defended Lindsay’s trip to Cannes, saying it wasn’t just a trip to party and avoid her court case, but a […]

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Lindsay Lied to Judge About Filming in Texas

Hopefully the old saying “anything you say will be held against you in the court of law” doesn’t hold true these days. If it does, then when Lindsay Lohan steps back into court to assess her sitch, it may not be pretty. Reportedly,  Lindsay’s team lied to the judge, when trying to get out of […]

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Lindsay Lohan to Star in Indie Porn Flick…

It doesn’t exactly sound like an award winner, but its a job none the less! Lindsay Lohan has reportedly signed on to star in indie film Inferno to play porn star Linda Lovelace. Lindsay has played a stripper once before in I Know Who Killed Me, but playing the star in this film will be […]

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