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Mary-Kate Olsen for Interview Magazine.

Mary-Kate Olsen’s photo-shoot for the new issue of Interview magazine is so hot! In the actual interview, which took place on Obama’s inauguration aday,  she talks about growing up with the fame, her sister, fashion, and the comparison of New York and LA. She tells the mag, “I have to say, it’s easier to live […]

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Could it Be?

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had just heard casually that Mary-Kate Olsen had gained 22 pounds over the past 11 months. BUT… Now the National Inquirer is reporting that Mary-Kate’s weight gain is because she’s PREGNANT! Olsen has been dating her artist boyfriend Nate Lowman for about a year now, and the […]

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Word On the Street is…

Mary-Kate Olsen has gained 22 lbs. in the past 11 months and may reach 25 total by the time an entire year passes Woah, slow down fatty!

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Check Out Mary-Kate on Samantha Who!

A couple of scenes from Mary-Kate Olsen’s upcoming appearance on Samantha Who have been leaked onto the internet. Check them out after the jump.

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Another “Tell All.”

Mary-Kate Olsen is the latest victim to be hit by the magazine tell-all article.  In the latest issue of the National Inquirer, a former bodyguard of little Michelle Tanner speaks out about the stars late night habits.

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Olsen’s Get ‘Rowdy’ for Facebook.

Some personal photos of Mary-Kate Olsen were rumored to have leaked from popular social networking site Facebook this weekend after the twin posted them on her page voluntarily but failed to realize her profile was not set to “friends only.”

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Mary-Kate Subpoenaed by the DEA.

The DEA is apparently not satisfied by the amount of information given to them by Mary-Kate Olsen, and have issued her a subpoena regarding the untimely death of her friend Heath Ledger.

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Mary-Kate want’s left out of Heath Ledger investigation.

Mary-Kate Olsen has asked for immunity from any prosecution regarding the death of her friend, Heath Ledger. Olsen, who received the first phone call from Heath’s masseuse when she found him unconscious in his room, has always been a mysterious link to the untimely death of the actor.

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Who influenced this outfit?

Billionaire twin Mary-Kate Olsen and her super sized friend stopped by a junk store in Hollywood to check out some dumpster rescued furniture. Exclusive!! photos inside.

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Bad Influences?

It’s hard to tell if Mary Kate and Ashley should be considered good influences, or bad influences, so maybe that’s why they named their new book strictly; Influence.

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