Could it Be?

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had just heard casually that Mary-Kate Olsen had gained 22 pounds over the past 11 months.


Now the National Inquirer is reporting that Mary-Kate’s weight gain is because she’s PREGNANT!

Olsen has been dating her artist boyfriend Nate Lowman for about a year now, and the mag is claiming that her drastic weight gain is in hopes to hide her pregnancy from the public eye.

An Olsen sources claims, “Mary-Kate has been looking a lot rounder recently. It is good she has put on weight, because she previously suffered from anorexia, but a lot of people think she could actually be attempting to hide her pregnancy.”

The source goes on to say that Mary-Kates interest in starting a family came from the passing of  her late friend, Heath Ledger, who told her becoming a father was the greatest thing to happen to him

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