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Eva Longoria In Over Her Head After Political Re-Tweet

Eva Longoria used to get herself out of the most unthinkable situations on ‘Desperate Housewives,’ but life doesn’t always imitate art. Following Tuesday night’s Presidential debate, the DNC co-chair re-tweeted a post from a Twitter user which sent the internet ablaze over it’s content. The tweet in question read; “I have no idea why any woman/minority can vote […]

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Lindsay Lohan Backs Mitt Romney, but Not Registered To Vote

Mitt Romney got a surprise endorsement last week when Lindsay Lohan revealed she’d be turning her back on Hollywood and voting for the challenger in the upcoming election. However, Romney may not be getting Lohan’s vote after all.  Because the actress is not registered the vote in the state of California. Lohan has one week, […]

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Will Smith To Host One Final Hollywood Fundraiser For President Obama

The election is just 22 days away, and President Barack Obama will be rubbing elbows with his Hollywood pals one last time to raise some last minute funds for his campaign. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are set to co-host a fundraiser on October 25 at their Calabasas, California home in hopes of getting […]

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Roseanne Barr To Be Named On Florida Presidential Ballot

Ready for the ‘Roseanne-archy?’ Actress Roseanne Barr will have her name on the Presidential ballot in Florida.   Barr will be representing the Peace and Freedom party, and will be listed alongside Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson, as well as leaders of the Socialist Party and Objectivist Party. Barr’s running mate will be Cindy […]

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Lindsay Lohan is Endorsing Mitt Romney … For Now

Lindsay Lohan is changing her tune for this year’s upcoming Presidential election. Back in 2008 she was amazed by the election of Barack Obama, and was one of his proud supporters.  But like many who voted for the POTUS in 2008, she’s a little unimpressed with the job, and is ready for change. Speaking to […]

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President Obama Unleashes Attack Ad Starring Big Bird

No really – this happened! President Barack Obama’s latest campaign ad features Big Bird, the star of Sesame Street, who Governor Mitt Romney brought up during last week’s debate, claiming that though he “likes” Big Bird, he would cut the Government funding of PBS, so that the US can stop borrowing money from China. The […]

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Eva Longoria Tells DNC “I Don’t Need A Tax Break”

Eva Longoria took the stage at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night where she spoke to those in attendance and those tuned in on TV and online urging them to re-elect Barack Obama as President of the United States. The actress was named co-chair of Obama’s national re-election commitee, and shared her beliefs that […]

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Nicki Minaj Endorses Mitt Romney On New Mixtape

Could Nicki Minaj be the latest surprise celebrity voting for Mitt Romney this coming November? In a new track on the Lil Wayne mixtape, Minaj raps the lyrics over a Kanye West produced beat; “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/You lazy [expletive] is [expletive] up the economy,” Minaj or her reps have yet to release […]

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Clint Eastwood Endorsing Mitt Romney For President

Clint Eastwood has given a public endorsement for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney  at a private event in Sun Valley. Eastwood told the crowd at the fundraiser, “Now more than ever do we need Governor Romney. I’m going to be voting for him…” Eastwood also added to the room full of Romney backers that the […]

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Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Take Sides in CMT Awards Opening

The CMT Awards took place last night, and scheduled co-hosts  Toby Keith and Kristen Bell are aiming to derail the other and host the show on their own in the opening. Each has released hilarious attack ads on the other in an effort to get elected as THE host, and there are cameos from some […]

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