President Obama Unleashes Attack Ad Starring Big Bird

No really – this happened!

President Barack Obama’s latest campaign ad features Big Bird, the star of Sesame Street, who Governor Mitt Romney brought up during last week’s debate, claiming that though he “likes” Big Bird, he would cut the Government funding of PBS, so that the US can stop borrowing money from China.

The narrator in the ad states:  “Bernie Madoff. Ken Lay. Dennis Kozlowski. Criminals. Gluttons of greed. And the evil genius who towered over them?  One man has the guts to speak his name (shows a photo of Romney). Big Bird!”

The narrator adds, “Big. Yellow. A menace to our economy.  Mitt Romney knows it’s not Wall Street you have to worry about – it’s Sesame Street.”

The ad ends with: “Romney: taking on our enemies no matter where they nest.”

PBS and Sesame Workshop have released a statement calling on the President’s campaign to cease running the add, stating : “Sesame Workshop is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization and we do not endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns. We have approved no campaign ads and, as is our general practice, have requested that the ad be taken down.”

As a defense,  the GOP has dedicated a page online featuring Sesame Street’s “The Count” blasting the POTUS for 8 mentions of Big Bird, 5 mentions of Elmo, and 0 mentions of the Libya attacks, and 0 plans to fix the economy during his campaign stops this week.

The GOP has vowed to take down “The Count” as soon as the Obama campaign stops running the Big Bird ad.

For the first time this year, Governor Romney holds a lead in the polls for the election, which is just under a month away.



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