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President Obama Unleashes Attack Ad Starring Big Bird

No really – this happened! President Barack Obama’s latest campaign ad features Big Bird, the star of Sesame Street, who Governor Mitt Romney brought up during last week’s debate, claiming that though he “likes” Big Bird, he would cut the Government funding of PBS, so that the US can stop borrowing money from China. The […]

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Cookie Monster Sings Own Rendition Of ‘Call Me Maybe’

  Cookie Monster is the latest to jump on the ‘Call Me Maybe’ bandwagon by starring in his own rendition of Carly Rae Jepsen’s popular song on YouTube. Sesame Street  uploaded a “Call Me Maybe” parody called “Share It Maybe” and features the famed Sesame Street character roaming around an office building searching for cookies! Have a look and […]

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Bert And Ernie Will Not Be Getting Gay Married

TV bosses from Sesame Street won’t be hiring a wedding planner for any nuptials between Bert & Ernie any time soon. Despite a petition on Change.org which urges the writers and producers to consider a gay marriage episode now that same sex unions are legal in New York, where the program is set. Lair Scott, […]

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Willow Smith Gets the Sesame Street – Treatment

We told you it was going to be a smash! Within a day, there’s a Sesame Street spoof of Willow Smith’s ‘I Whip My Hair Back’ video! Check it out below

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Katy Perry’s Boobs Poke Fun at ‘Sesame Street’ Sitch on SNL

Talk about timing!   Just a week after Katy Perry’s segment was yanked from Sesame Street because of her clevage, she was set to appear on the season premiere of SNL. Katy appeared in a skit making light of the situation, as she played a sixteen-year-old girl who “developed over the summer.” Katy was basically busting […]

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Katy Perry Segment Yanked From Sesame Street

Katy Perry’s segment for Sesame Street has been yanked faster than Lindsay Lohan’s freedom. The clip which appeared online this week of Katy singing a version of her hit ‘Hot and Cold’ with Elmo, had Perry wearing a low-cut green dress which showed off a bit of cleavage. To be fair, she was wearing a […]

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Katy Perry Does Sesame Street

It is what it is.  Katy Perry appeared on a recent episode of Sesame Street. Check it out below. How child appropriate was that shirt!?

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Sesame Street Does Mad Men, Where’s the Whoring and Boozing?

Sesame Street has made a Mad Men parody, I’m assuming for the parents who watch along with their pre-schoolers, not the pre-schoolers themselves. I should hope a 4 year old isn’t up at 10pm on a Sunday checking out what’s on AMC. ps. where are the ladies? I want to see a muppet version of […]

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Sesame Street for Jews Coming

A Jew-centric version of Sesame Street, titled Shalom Sesame, is currently being filmed in both Israel and the US. My brain is actually malfunctioning from the amount of possible jokes bouncing around in there. Let’s just start with: it’s never too early to teach a kid to count. Interest. The show will feature Jewish celebs […]

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