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Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks Is Now a Married Woman

Everyone’s favorite HBIC, Joan from Mad Men (AKA Christina Hendricks), got hitched over the weekend! She married Geoffrey Arend, an actor who was in 500 Days of Summer; and the series Trust Me, and who, in my opinion, looks like a 14 year old boy. The couple were married at the restaurant Il Buco in […]

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Sesame Street Does Mad Men, Where’s the Whoring and Boozing?

Sesame Street has made a Mad Men parody, I’m assuming for the parents who watch along with their pre-schoolers, not the pre-schoolers themselves. I should hope a 4 year old isn’t up at 10pm on a Sunday checking out what’s on AMC. ps. where are the ladies? I want to see a muppet version of […]

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Mad Men Should Be Happy With Latest Ratings

It looks like all those inane “Mad Men Yourself” icons that have turned Facebook into a Shag print recently worked – the show’s third season bowed to record numbers for the series – 2.8 million viewers, up 33% from last year. If they ever have a basic cable show about narcissistic emo teens, d’ya think […]

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Jon Hamm and Ben Affleck Get Bromantic in New Movie

Mad Men‘s dapper Jon Hamm and every gossip magazine’s Ben Affleck will star in The Town, a “romantic thriller.” What, exactly, is a romantic thriller? I don’t think I’ve seen one since Hitchcock‘s Notorious. Welcome back, you crazy genre! So what will this movie be about, and Jennifer Lopez isn’t somehow in it, is she? […]

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Mad Men Versions of Celebs

AMC has a new toy up on its website where you can turn yourself into a cartoon version of a Mad Men-era boozer and womanizer. I, of course, decided to turn some beloved celebs into the cartoons. Check out for yourself irrefutable proof I need a life! 50 Cent, Eva Longoria Parker, (compare to real […]

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Mad Men Season 3 Promos Are Out

So I know all you Hamm fans will eat this up (can you be Jewish and be a Hamm fan, is that kosher?). AMC debuted their promotional ads for season 3 of their Emmy nominated series Mad Men, and it’s pretty damn hot. What is it about emotional unavailable men that makes them so dreamy? […]

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